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Can female take male viagra or does he have to get his sex life in order on his own? A guy in late 50s with a young family needs to get things in order. I know we all want things to be different but my younger brothers both took prescription drugs over the counter during their teenage years. When they were teenagers and had enough, in the back of their mind they knew didn't want it then, but were still on the drug for long periods to stay canada pharmacy discount drugs well with their hormones. We all have to make choices about what's best for us. Many women are on birth control (which is not the same thing as an IUD). Why? Birth control doesn't work well for me. I prefer it without hormones as to not cause side effects that I want to avoid. I'd say the best choice, for me, was not to be on the IUD and to use a reliable birth control. (To be honest, since I got married, I've been using the pill and condoms. I was on the pill when I left my husband but since I have started using condoms the sex has been fine and there have no side effects.) I love my babies just the way they are. We are going to have more in the future, and I want it to be healthy for our child. I also want the baby to have best possible birth outcome so he is not predisposed to certain diseases. I don't want her to get cancer or have heart disease. I want her healthy and well. Is it wrong for me to want use birth control and just hope it works for me? Cecile Q. I'm 19 years old and have a girlfriend. Now she just broke up with me and we have a 3-month old son. I haven't really wanted to talk her about our son because she can't be around him all the time and even if she wanted to it would make no sense for me and with all the stuff that's going on in our lives it seems that son was the cause of our break up. I am now just curious of all your thoughts. I feel like she was a big part of the problem and I can't understand why she broke up with me because she's always been my biggest cheerleader. I know in your questions above women can be hurtful and we get jealous people are but do we really need to be constantly in a relationship? I'm so confused. A: Cecile, your question is one that I get from.

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