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Does coumadin affect pt osis)? I've read a number of stories from readers who are not coumadin users and want to know if coumadin would affect their ptosis. Does it? I'm a coumadin user where can i buy carisoprodol online who has been taking it since 1996 and have seen no change in my ptosis over the last 15 years. And I'm a physician who prescribes it to a number of patients who are on Coumadin live in a different part of the country and don't have this same problem. A. Most medicines that affect our body's metabolism may change ability to balance our blood circulation. If you've taken coumadin, there might be a small amount of substance in Coumadin that might affect your body's metabolism. That's why it's important to be careful not take more than the recommended dosage. A recent study by Dr. Stephen T. Vollmer of the Mayo Clinic found that women who took Coumadin were almost twice as likely to get a heart attack as women who did not take coumadin. Coumadin was also associated with an increased risk of having a stroke, even after taking other drugs. This suggests we need to be more careful when prescribing Coumadin to women of all ages. Q. I've had my eyes examined and they were clear. Is it safe to cheap carisoprodol purchase elwell take Coumadin? A. It's rare that anyone needs surgery to correct a severe eye condition. But if you have a is there a generic for carisoprodol severe eye condition such as glaucoma or strabismus, you might be able to have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist. They will check the eye's shape and Phentermine online purchase uk cornea can give you a prescription for lens. The glasses you need to wear during your exam may have to be carisoprodol 500mg 270 pills US$ 500.00 US$ 1.85 custom made. Q. My doctor has prescribed Coumadin. Does he also prescribe antibiotics? A. Yes. But if you have a strep throat infection or urinary tract infection, you should be sure to take antibiotics before you Coumadin. Q. Does Coumadin cause cancer? A. No. There have been no studies that linked Coumadin to cancer. In fact, the FDA has approved Coumadin as a treatment for several types of tumor. But it's important to remember that we don't know for sure what causes cancer. In fact, studies have shown that Coumadin works better when used together with certain other agents. Q. I took Coumadin when was a child. Is it safe for someone else to take Coumadin? A. It depends on why you took Coumadin in the past. Children who had diabetes and needed drugs for treatment are sometimes prescribed Coumadin to prevent or control high blood sugar and insulin resistance. In those cases, it is sometimes OK to give an older person Coumadin. But don't share Coumadin with a child who isn't an insulin-dependent adult. If you're a caregiver who gives Coumadin to an older person, make sure they know the risks. Q. How can I prevent Coumadin from harming my unborn baby? A. A woman of childbearing age who takes Coumadin has no increased risk for birth defects or premature labor during pregnancy. However, Coumadin can be toxic if you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes other forms of tobacco before you take Coumadin. should stop smoking and drinking before taking Coumadin take only after you've quit smoking and before you try to conceive.

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